LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN) — Like much of Central Texas, Liberty Hill Independent School District has seen major growth over the last few years.

“I have only been here three years and we have grown from a little over 4,000 students to just over 7,000 in those three years,” said Steve Snell, Liberty Hill ISD superintendent. “About 30% of our new families were moving from California, 30% were moving from the other urban areas in Texas. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio.”

Katie Amsler moved from just down the road in Leander.

“Seems like everywhere you go you still see people you know,” Amsler said. “When you drive through downtown Liberty Hill you see people riding their bicycles and going to the candy stores.”

The small-town charm was one reason Amsler and her family moved, and she isn’t the only one taking notice. Liberty Hill Independent School District’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to call for a $491.7 million bond on the May 1 election ballot. Demographic reports show the district is growing fast, and the district wants to keep ahead of the growth.

“Believe it or not, we have demographic projections that will get us to 12,000 students by the end of 2025 and to upward of 23,000 to 24,000 by the end of the decade,” Snell said.

The money will also go toward the expansion and renovation of five existing campuses. Also, included in the proposition is money for technology infrastructure, land acquisition and expansion of transportation facilities including new buses.

“The growth is definitely bittersweet,” Amsler said. “Growth brings a lot of challenges, but it also brings a lot of opportunities.”