A 21-year-old who struck and killed a bicyclist in Georgetown has been released from prison after being sentenced earlier this month.

Records show Aaron Davison was released from the Williamson County Jail on Thursday, March 22 — less than three weeks after he was sentenced by a judge to two years in prison for manslaughter. 

According to his sentencing documents, Davison was given credit for the time he served in Williamson County Jail, which amounted to 404 days as of March 6. He was never sent to prison.

Davison ran into Thomas “Tommy” Ketterhagen as he was bicycling on Patriot Way on Jan. 23, 2017. After hitting him, Davison left the scene but turned himself in a few days later. Ketterhagen’s body was found the following day by his mother. 

“The whole thing is a mockery,” said Tom Ketterhagen, Tommy’s father.

Tommy’s family says the justice they thought had been served for their son has been snatched away since Davison didn’t go to prison. “That was absolutely key, he’s a young man, a first-time offender, to be exposed to the state prison system should be a shock,” explains Ketterhagen.

Last week Ketterhagen got an email saying Davison was being released with mandatory supervision for the rest of his sentence. Neither he nor Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick had a clue.

“I can tell you in the 11 years I was a defense lawyer, that never happened for any of my clients,” explains Dick.

Dick says the Texas Department of Criminal Justice just explained to him Monday afternoon why Davison was let go. “It has something to do with the amount of credit he was serving in the [Williamson] County Jail and the overall sentence he was sentenced to,” explains Dick. “There is some formula they calculate of when he would have a projected release date.”

Had Davison been sentenced six months ago with less jail time already behind him, he would’ve gone to prison and his release would have been handled through the typical parole process. Dick says there is another factor that would have sent Davison to prison.

“If I would’ve known this, I never would’ve made the offer I made,” said Dick. “I would’ve insisted we get a deadly weapon finding, which would’ve ensured he stayed there two full years.”

The aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge against Davison was dismissed. He received 10 years probation on the other count of accident involving death. His attorney says that means if Davison gets a traffic ticket, he goes to jail. The judge also required Davison to take a driver safety course every year and he must write an apology letter to the Ketterhagen family.

Because Davison was not sent to prison, the Ketterhagen family is considering filing a civil lawsuit against someone. “We’ve got the gloves on, we have to have justice at this point,” said Ketterhagen.

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