WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – Amid blustering wind and heavy rain, car after car pulled through Harley’s Firewood on Friday. Each driver piling stack upon stack of wood inside to prepare for this latest cold spell.

The site off Research Boulevard hosts row upon row of different types of wood. One employee says during peak months, traffic lines up around the corner for firewood.

David Ramirez helps drivers place the logs in their vehicles, and has worked at the site for 9 years.

He anticipates an influx of cars to pass through the business on Saturday, once the cold front has settled in. He theorizes that Friday’s rain kept a lot of guests away.

“Every year, more and more customers keep coming,” said Ramirez.

Will Steely braved the rain and wind to get his season’s worth of firewood. He says since the February Freeze, he has taken more precaution ahead of weather like what’s predicted the next week.

“You always anticipate things really will not to be that bad, but then the one time it was really really bad, and we didn’t have power. So now we just try to keep enough wood on hand just in case,” said Steely.

Nicholas Gates also stopped to pick up a trunk-full of firewood.

He moved to Austin from Buffalo back in 2019. While he grew up in a place that sees some of the harshest winters in the U.S., he says the 2021 freeze is what really chilled him.

He has also taken measures to avoid being left out in the cold again.

“To protect against that I got a place with a fire stove just in case we had to go through another Texas winter,” said Gates.