LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN) — Liberty Hill has entered Phase 4 water restrictions, prohibiting all outdoor watering, as of Thursday.

The Phase 4 outdoor watering restrictions prohibit the following:

  • Washing vehicles
  • Washing sidewalks, parking lots and driveways
  • Flushing of gutters
  • Adding water to swimming pools or hot tubs
  • Using water in a fountain or pond except where necessary for aquatic life
  • Irrigation of landscaping areas and athletic fields

During a water inspection on Aug. 8, contractors from the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA) discovered a leak in an intake pipe in Lake Travis. Although the leak is not wasting any water, it is significant enough the treatment facility must shut down for repairs.

Throughout the BCRUA repair, which is estimated to take 17-21 days, the cities of Leander, Cedar Park and Round Rock will receive its water supply from the Sandy Creek water treatment facility.

Liberty Hill gets the majority of its water from Sandy Creek, so supply will be significantly reduced throughout the repair period.

During the restrictions, the city will close Wetzel Park splash pad, delay the acceptance of pool permit applications, delay the installation of new water meters and prohibit all water connections for construction activities.

Liberty Hill’s largest water demands come from residential and commercial irrigation system uses during hot, dry temperatures. Residents are encouraged to turn off all irrigation systems completely until BCRUA pipeline repairs are complete.

Although indoor water use is not affected, the city recommends residents follow indoor conservation tips to help save additional water.

Water violations can be reported to the City’s Code Enforcement division here. First-time violators will receive a warning before being issued a citation.