AUSTIN (KXAN) -— As the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock has maxed out its capacity, KXAN has been working to figure out what’s going on.

People currently staying there received a text from the resort saying it would be used as a shelter. However, the resort confirmed Wednesday that was a mistake.

A spokesperson from Williamson County says the county had contacted Kalahari about reserving a block of rooms several days ago, but that didn’t come to fruition.

According to the resort’s spokesperson, any incoming reservations were canceled Wednesday morning, because it remains full with people who were already staying there, and employees who need a place to stay, as well.

KXAN spoke with Elijah Moore, a Round Rock resident who booked a room Monday and rushed his 3-week-old son there after his home lost power and got too cold.

“He was getting pale in the face, like his pigmentation was getting pretty flushed,” Moore explained. “As soon as we got him to warmth which he needs, he fully came back, so there were no signs of trouble for him, but as you can imagine, as a new parent that’s a scary situation you don’t want your child in.”

Moore says he was concerned at first when he heard the resort might become a shelter that he would have to leave. However, he says the resort is allowing his family to stay.

Kalahari’s spokesperson says while the resort cannot take anyone else in at this point, staff members are working to connect those in need of shelter with other places in the area where they can stay.