JARRELL, Texas (KXAN) — With the threat of severe weather in Central Texas, Jacqueline Lane, who lives in Jarrell, said she was on high alert on Friday.

”It makes me nervous thinking about another storm,” said Lane.

During the last tornado in late October, Lane said she heard the warning go off on her phone, and then went into her closet for safety.

”It is an eerie feeling when you are hearing the wind outside, and you are praying that nothing bad is going to happen,” said Lane.

Jarrell is no stranger to tornadoes, although none have been as devastating as the F5 tornado that touched down on May 27, 1997. With winds up to 260 mph, the tornado tore through the town, taking 27 lives and destroying many homes.

“Jarrell is certainly the area that has had the most significant impact in our region’s history,” said Martin Ritchey with WarnCentralTexas.org.

Ritchey said one way to stay safe is to have a plan in place when and if severe weather strikes, but it’s also good to stay informed.

The Warn Central Texas emergency notification system is key in keeping people safe. After someone enters their cell phone number, address and email, they will start to receive warnings, and if there is a tornado or severe weather, the notifications will start to pop up.

”Once it is detected by spotters and radar, then you are going to get that warning message immediately,” said Ritchey.

The Jarrell area experienced three tornadoes so far in 2022 — in March, April and one in October.

The National Weather Service said the March and April tornadoes were both rated at EF-1 intensity while they moved through the Jarrell area. The April tornado, which was closer to Florence, continued into Bell County and became an EF-3.