ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Sometimes, the internet can be used for fun things, and a church in Round Rock proved that with a Father’s Day prank.

A popular internet trend going around is to get a group of people, typically men, to go to an event wearing the same shirt. Whether it’s the same color, style, or both, the idea is to embarrass the group as a joke and have some lighthearted fun.

The Fellowship Church in Round Rock (and also in Hutto) pulled it off for their services Sunday, and more than 75 dads who attend the church ended up wearing the same thing.

The church’s women’s ministry was behind the caper, having conspired to get their husbands the same shirt and encouraging them to wear it to the Father’s Day service. Some of them caught on to the joke as soon as they saw others wearing the same thing, and others, well, took a little bit to realize what had been done.

“At both the Round Rock and Hutto campus, the men were great sports, had a good laugh, and it was a fun day,” the church’s Facebook post said.

One of the men in the church’s video asked a question to no one in particular, “Is it like, a convention that I missed?”

And of course, the classic, “Hey, nice shirt!” comment was on repeat throughout the day.

“What is this? Was it planned?” another man said.

Yes, yes it was.