GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — City and Williamson County leaders celebrated the latest and final expansion project of the Southwest Bypass. This last stretch will connect the road with State Highway 29 in an effort to alleviate traffic that congests roads inside city limits.

“It’s all falling into place,” said Valerie Covey, Williamson County commissioner for Precinct 3.

In her address to the small crowd at the Wednesday morning groundbreaking, Covey said the project was part of a long-term road expansion plan made 20 years ago. She said the expansion couldn’t be happening at a better time amid the current population boom throughout Williamson County.

“That was a long time ago when we started talking about it. Imagine now if we had no other way to get to I-35 than to take 29 all the way down,” said Covey.

Currently, most drivers on SH 29 seeking to get on I-35 travel west on the highway where it turns into W. University Avenue. This area is already bustling due to various shops on both sides of the road and greatly slows during high-traffic hours.

The $4.3 million expansion is being split between the City and county. Georgetown contributed $2 million and Williamson County $2.3 million.

Shawn Hood is the councilman for the district where the project is taking place. He said the rapid growth of the region has posed a challenge for planners and residents and is looking forward to the relief the expansion is likely to bring.

“Creating this minor outer loop, if you will, it loops around the historic downtown. It is going to provide traffic relief,” said Hood.

No official timeline for the project has been released, but county officials said it should be complete sometime in 2023.