GEORGETOWN (KXAN) — The Georgetown City Council took steps on Tuesday that require all animal care and boarding facilities to have fire monitoring systems, several months after more than 70 animals died in a fire at a local pet resort.

Georgetown’s fire chief unveiled amendments to the fire code during a meeting on Tuesday. Those come after the Sept. 18, 2021 fire that killed 75 animals at Ponderosa Pet Resort.

The recommendations include installing fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

The City of Georgetown’s Animal Services Department oversees kennels and had revealed during the investigation that the pet resort was operating without a permit. The permit would have ensured things like adequate space and animal health regulations, but not require a fire suppression system.

The facility did not have a fire suppression system nor did it have staffing at the resort overnight.

Georgetown Fire said its investigation found that the deadly fire started in the kennel area of the resort. Investigators said building material may have contributed to the smoke spread and interior smoke conditions changed rapidly. The cause of the fire remains undetermined but investigators had theorized that the cause of the fire could be linked to electrical equipment at the site.

The department reported that it had audited and inspected 26 animal care facilities in the Georgetown area, as of January.

The second reading and adoption of the recommendations are scheduled for Feb. 22. The recommendations will be implemented after that and a council motion would give animal care facilities 18 months to install fire alarms and sprinkler systems.