GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Since late February, businesses have been waiting to get the okay to open up and operate as normal in Georgetown after a gas line leak forced the evacuations of 140 residents and business. 

The underground leak was discovered on Feb. 20.

Since the discovery, many parts of the underground pipeline had to be repaired or replaced — prolonging the evacuation. 

Now, the repairs have been completed and to commemorate this, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area hosted a job fair. Many businesses lost employees during the evacuation. 

“I couldn’t move my business anywhere else because of the fact that I have big machines, sanders, and sewing machines,” says Barbear Barbosa, shoe and boot repair shop owner. 

Barbosa credits the utility company for helping her stay afloat during the evacuations. 

“They were good. If they didn’t help us, I don’t know where a lot of our business would be at,” says Barbosa. 

The Chamber says it will host another job fair at the same location on Willams Street (Williams and River Bend) on June 5.