GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Court documents state Daniel Perez, a former supervisor at the Williamson County Juvenile Justice Center, was arrested this week for the sexual assault of a child in custody. This is the second accusation against Perez, who this summer was charged with improper conduct with a child.

A court affidavit details this second alleged assault took place in a chicken coop on the center’s property in mid-July. This is the same location as the previous assault, which does not have security cameras according to court documents.

The center’s director, Scott Matthew, said both incidents happened very close together and were reported in mid-July prompting an internal investigation and Perez’s firing.

This is consistent with past reporting from Williamson County which said Perez was terminated on July 12.

“I have been here 33 years and never had anything like this,” Matthew said.

In the affidavit for the second assault, it reported the crime took place on or around July 15, three days after Perez was removed from his position at the center.

Matthew said this is likely due to a paperwork oversight as this second assault has taken prosecutors a longer time to investigate.

This delay is also apparent as the warrant for Perez was issued on Nov. 9 and served and executed on Nov. 15.

Perez has since posted bail for this second charge. A Williamson County Jail employee confirmed he was released from custody on Nov. 16.

Matthew said this was an isolated incident and all staff is trained annually to detect, report and avoid impropriety with minors in custody.

He said Perez’s alleged acts are not representative of the center’s employees and mission.

“Our job is to try and help people, not harm them,” Matthew said.