AUSTIN (KXAN) — In the race for Williamson County Sheriff, retired Williamson County Sheriff Assistant Chief Deputy Mike Gleason received 56% of the vote to defeat incumbent Robert Chody.

Gleason, who never worked under Chody, received more than 152,400 votes to claim the win.

“I gotta go to work,” Gleason told KXAN’s Jody Barr. Gleason is the first Democrat to hold the top law enforcement job in the county since the 1980s.

“I think they [the voters] sent a big message that no matter how much money you pump into something, no matter how many resources you pump into something … if they don’t trust you, they’ll get rid of you.”

A deep dive into the campaign finance report showed that Chody’s campaign spent nearly $300,000 . Chody, who won the lottery in 2001, loaned his campaign $290,000. He also received about $5,500 in political contributions.

In comparison, the Gleason campaign has spent less than $17,000. His political contributions total nearly $20,000 with notable contributors, including Williamson County Commissioner Terry Cook and former County Judge Dan Gattis.

Chody also recently made headlines after being indicted and arrested on a felony charge of tampering with evidence in relation to the death of Javier Ambler.

The charge came after months of calls for Chody to resign, after the in-custody death of Ambler, which was recorded during a taping of the A&E reality show “Live P.D.” Chody and his legal team have called the charge baseless.

Gleason will be sworn in Jan. 1.