Families still drying out in Taylor after flooding

Williamson County
Families still drying out in Taylor after flooding

TAYLOR (KXAN) — Heavy rains flooded a number of neighborhoods in Taylor over the weekend.

Sunday afternoon, James Polasek Jr. had fans running throughout his home. He says the water rushed down the street and straight into his house, and no amount of soil bags or towels under doors could help.

“The water was ankle deep already in the garage,” said Polasek Jr. “I opened the side door and I got my squeegee and we just started throwing stuff out and trying to fight the rushing water.”

The Polasek family says the water quickly rushed into the kitchen and their daughters room. In 2015, the family evacuated their flooded home. They tell KXAN that they shared their concerns about drainage problems in their neighborhood with the city, but say nothing has been done.

“All that I’m looking for is the city to take responsibility—help us,” explained Polasek Jr. “They didn’t help us at all with the last one to fix the road.”

Mildred Kolinek and her family live less than a mile away and have been trying to dry out too. They had to pull out new carpet that they say was just installed.

“We got cinderblocks there to help. We’ve had sandbags…it doesn’t stop it,” said Kolinek. “It was all through the house. I had to open the back door to let it just float out, because it was coming in the front.”

The city of Taylor says it’s aware of flooding after getting more than six inches of rain in a short time.

“We realize that flooding is an ongoing problem in low-lying areas of the city during severe rain events,” said a spokesperson in a statement. “To address the problem, over the past several years the City has adopted a Municipal Drainage Utility System (MDUS) program and hired a drainage engineer who is continually assessing the situation and helping us address the problem.”

Through the program, the city completed improvements in nine different areas with drainage issues last year.

“The city also approved a bond of $2.3 million in March of this year specifically for the MDUS program, and has developed a priority list that includes more than 40 homes that have experienced problems with high water in the past. As funds become available, we are addressing the areas of the city that have the highest number of affected homes.”

The city is asking all residents to send in photographs of the flooding to pio@taylortx.gov so that the drainage engineer can assess the issues. Public Works is also helping with cleanup efforts, as needed. 

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