AUSTIN (KXAN) – Voters in Williamson County will choose who represents them at the State Capitol on November. District 20 covers Georgetown to parts of Cedar Park. It’s one of three state House seats in the county.

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How do I know if I’m in District 20?

After redrawing the political maps in 2021, the State House District 20 has new boundaries. The district represents more than 203,800 residents in parts of Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Jarrell, and Florence in Williamson County. To find out if your address falls into District 20, you can use this search tool.

Who’s on the ballot for District 20?

Republican Representative Terry Wilson has held the seat since 2017 and will be running for re-election.

The U.S. Army veteran is currently serving on the Natural Resources Committee and as the Appropriations Article III chair, overseeing all funding for public and higher education. In the past, Wilson was also appointed to the Higher Education, Criminal Jurisprudence, and Defense & Veterans Affairs committees.  

His campaign and official website describe Wilson as a conservative Republican, who has years of experience working with Congress, Homeland Defense, the State Department and foreign governments. The site notes that Wilson earned a 100% Pro-Life Voting Record and “A” Rating from the NRA.

Rep. Wilson did not respond to our request for an interview for this story.

Democratic challenger Raul Camacho will face incumbent Wilson. In an interview about his campaign talking about public safety, abortion, property taxes and border security, Camacho criticized the current Republican-led legislature: “This administration […] has really made Texas look bad. People here are desperate for change.”

After the Uvalde shooting and witnessing a general increase in gun violence, Camacho set his priority on public safety. “One of my key goals is to make sure that we do not have another school shooting” he said.

As a former firearms instructor, Camacho said he believes that the 2nd Amendment is a right that should not be infringed. However, he supports red flag laws, universal background checks, and implementing smarter security systems in schools to avoid and detect dangerous situations.

Camacho is also an advocate of women’s reproductive rights. He emphasizes that church and state should be kept separate and questions Governor Abbott´s actions when it comes to banning abortion.

“We’re going backwards, and if you really, truly believe in pro-life, well then, why don’t we fix the maternal death rates that we have here in Texas?” He said.

What changes were made to District 20 in 2021?

This will be the first election to take place since Texas lawmakers drew new maps for the state House and Senate districts in 2021.

Previously, District 20 was made up of Georgetown, Burnet, Florence, Jarrell and surrounding areas in Burnet, Williamson and Milam County. Now, with the new district lines, District 20 consists of large parts of Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Leander, and north Cedar Park.

Previously, District 20 constituents were 74.1% Anglo, 25.9% Non-Anglo, now with the new district lines, its population is 64.9% Anglo and 35.1% Non-Anglo.

When & where can I vote?

Early voting will begin on Oct. 24 and will end Nov. 5. Election Day is Nov. 8.