WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A jury has found a former Hutto police officer guilty of both assault and official oppression.

The prosecution finished its case on Thursday in the trial of Gregory Parris. The former Hutto Police officer was on trial for injuries Jeremy Rogers sustained during a May 2018 call. Parris will be sentenced in June.

The defense deferred its opening statement at the start of the trial. Once the prosecution finished its case, defense attorneys began calling witnesses. Both sides had their closing arguments Friday morning, and the jury went into deliberation late Friday morning.

The night in question began with a call for alleged marijuana use at a house where Rogers was. Footage captured on a body camera video was called into question.

Footage shows Parris landing a fist into Roger’s head. An expert pulled by the defense said before that, the video shows Rogers resisting and pushing away the officer’s hands.

“And as a result of that active resistance, did that call for an active resistance? Did that call for an active response pursuant to police training?” the defense asked expert Jerry Staton, owner of Affordable Realistic Tactical Training.

“Yes, police officers are taught, and we have ample, actual research into the fact that once a physical confrontation starts, it is to everyone’s advantage to end that confrontation as soon as possible,” Staton replied.

Witnesses for the state — including an FBI and law enforcement officer — have said Rogers didn’t appear to pose a threat and that Parris went beyond what is allowed.