WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A Round Rock-based chemical company that wants to build a new facility in Williamson County next year hosted a town hall Saturday in an attempt to ease concerns the community has.

Representatives for ExFluor Research Corporation talked about their previous violations with local governments and a leak the company had in 2014 which was “the only leak that we’ve had in our company history,” an ExFluor representative said. The company has been in business since the 1980s.

Those previous violations and leaks were something neighbors have expressed concern about.

“We’re not against free enterprise, just don’t do it right here in the middle of this community,” NSGA president Bryce McCormick said earlier this month.

People who live in the area have formed a nonprofit group called The North San Gabriel Alliance to push back against the plant being built. Many of those members were at the town hall Saturday.

The NSGA has already collected more than 1,800 signatures from people petitioning against the proposed plant, and nearly 90 residents have submitted complaints to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

ExFluor Research Corporation has applied for a permit for a new manufacturing site in the Florence area, near the Burnet County line. The $10 million facility would be located on a 36-acre purchased parcel of land off County Road 236.

ExFlour talked about what they learned from that 2014 leak and how it’s informed their design of this new building.

“We wanted to be extra safe so we double our critical volume,” a representative said of the planned facilities evaporation pond. He also talked about the process gas system, growth accommodation, weather concerns and how much traffic this would add to the area.

“Yes, we will add traffic to the road,” that ExFlour representative said. “It will only be a small amount of traffic.” He noted delivery trucks already take that route and that the building is only designed to house roughly 30 people.

“I just want to apologize for some of the imagery that’s been portrayed of us,” the ExFluor representative ended. He says the images portrayed are not what the facility looks like and that it’s going to be very clean and fully-contained.

An ExFluor representative provided renderings of the facility to KXAN Saturday.