TAYLOR, Texas (KXAN) — Where FM 3349 meets U.S. Highway 79, vehicles often yield in the middle of the intersection as they try to cross.

When that vehicle is a big rig, cars going 60 mph may not stop. A Williamson County Commissioner said the new year will ring in the start of big safety projects for the crossroads.

Precinct 4 commissioner Russ Boles said a true stoplight will be installed early next year.

Right now, north and southbound traffic on U.S. 79 drive through blinking yellow stoplights and do not stop at the intersection. East to west traffic on FM 3349 have red blinking lights and wait for cars to pass.

When there’s a lull in traffic, the vehicles shoot across the busy road. If an 18-wheeler crosses and has to wait for the road to clear, the other side of traffic is nearly blocked.

“We know the problems there. TxDOT [Texas Department of Transportation] knows the problems there. We’re moving resources to address it,” Commissioner Boles said.

Commissioner Boles said the stoplight is just the start of improving safety measures at this intersection.

As part of the county’s Southeast Loop project, a median will be installed separating north and southbound traffic and eliminating the ability to cross over. Eventually, the plan will also construct an overpass but this won’t be complete until 2025.