BRUSHY CREEK, Texas (KXAN) — The Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District announced Wednesday that it was not renewing its contract with the company it hired to cleanup brush from February’s ice storm.

Thursday, General Manager of the Brushy Creek MUD Shean Dalton said the special district wanted to pickup ice storm brush but quickly became overwhelm with the volume of damage.

He said it would take around $500,000 to pick up all the damage left by the ice storm and making room for that effort was not possible in the MUD’s budget.

“It was an optimistic outlook but unfortunately it wasn’t financially viable in the long run,” Dalton said.

He said other services like the MUD’s water, wastewater, and solid waste removal services could be jeopardized by spending money on its proposed cleanup effort.

Currently, Dalton said the MUD is considering alternatives to its initial pickup plan and more long-term solutions to avoid similar problems in the future.

One long-term solution could be purchasing land to generate property tax for the MUD, that money would then be used for a pickup service.

Some residents like Mustafa Mohamedali have expressed disappointment hearing the promised brush pickup is no longer an option.

Mohamedali said his brush pile has been sitting outside his home for nearly a month and he had hoped it would have been picked up by MUD or Williamson County crews by now.

“It aggravates me to see it so I pretend it’s not there,” Mohamedali said.

He said after hearing MUD pickup was no longer a possibility, he’s called other independent brush haulers and now quotes have almost doubled since the storm.

Mohamedali said if he had not been waiting on MUD service, he would have acted sooner to get the brush taken care of.

“For the MUD and the county to just absolve themselves of any responsibility, it’s unacceptable,” said Mohamedali.

The Brushy Creek MUD encourages residents to report their ice storm damage to the Texas Department of Emergency Management.