ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Former hospice nurse Bobbi McClain said she’s never been one to put herself first so when she started to feel some pain a couple of months ago she ignored it. When she finally decided to go to the doctor, after several tests, McClain was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

“I got the news that I was sick,” she said. “I was given one to two to three months to live.”

She said doctors think it’s peritoneal cancer — a rare cancer that has spread to her stomach from what McClain said doctors believe started as ovarian cancer. 

As if that wasn’t difficult enough, on Monday evening, a tornado rolled through her neighborhood in Round Rock. McClain was at home with her family relaxing after a day at the doctor’s office when the winds picked up.

“I could see the outside,” said McClain. “It was like my home was just going up in shreds.”

McClain said her son quickly jumped into action. 

“I’m in the hospital bed,” she said. “My son was smart enough to realize we need to cover so he pulled the mattress off the day bad and it tried to cover us all up, but all along I could see the interior of my roof was separating.”

Bobbi McClain sits with her two grandchildren in front of her Round Rock home that was damaged by the tornado. (KXAN Photo/Candy Rodriguez)
Bobbi McClain sits with her two grandchildren in front of her Round Rock home which was damaged by the tornado. (KXAN Photo/Candy Rodriguez)

Today, her family is working to repair the home she so desperately wants to be in. 

“We are trying to do as much for her so that she can focus on getting better,” said her daughter, Allison Brandon.

McClain is just thankful for all the love and support she’s received in the past week and said she plans on fighting for her life.

“I got all these people out here fighting for my house so the least I can do is fight for my life,” she said.

McClain explains the insurance on the house lapsed as she was working to get a bundled option. That decision left her uninsured and with the bill to repair the damage. In hopes of helping, the family started a GoFundMe for McClain. As of 7 a.m., they have raised $27,129 of the family’s $50,000 goal. They said at this time, they are not sure what the money will be used for whether to fix the house or treatment for McClain.