LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN) — A neighbor posted on social media that he witnessed someone leave four puppies near a road outside Liberty Hill that is notorious for illegal dumping. 

The man wrote on Facebook that he saw a white truck drive off Monday night after the dogs were dropped outside a gate at County Road 282 and Highway 1869.

The puppies, which are believed to be about four months old, were eventually taken to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, where community programs director Misty Valenta said their owner should have surrendered them in the first place. 

“This case ended up the best way possible. But I’d rather not have animals have to risk being hit by a car or something terrible happening to them if we can make decisions in a safe way for everyone.” 

The neighbor reportedly got a license plate number from the truck that allegedly dumped the dogs. A spokesperson for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office told KXAN Wednesday that deputies would like that witness to come forward because no report has been taken. Without that kind of information, cases of dumping are hard to prove. 

“There are people who report that in certain areas they commonly find stray animals, stray animals that are not known to their area,” Valenta said. “But the ones that have proof with that claim [of dumping], it’s very rare.”

Near the spot where the dogs were allegedly dropped off, signs reading “no dumping allowed” have done little to stop it from happening. In September last year, KXAN went to this very same road, County Road 282, when people got caught dumping different kinds of trash. 

The problem persists, but luckily someone brought the four dogs to a place where they can find homes they deserve. Three of the puppies have black fur with small white markings, while the fourth dog is tan and black in color. They are now all available to adopt. 

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter would like to remind people that it can take in strays seven days a week. Owner surrenders can also be scheduled, and there are resources available to help people struggling to care for their animals. 

Anyone with information about the alleged dog dumping case outside Liberty Hill should contact the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.