JARRELL, Texas (KXAN) — Williamson County commissioners on Tuesday will take up grave digging for the sake of road construction.

They plan to talk about the Bud Stockton Loop Extension. It would connect County Road 305 to FM 487 next to Jarrell High School.

According to county documents, a cemetery on this proposed stretch of land has been there since 1886.

The county is concerned unmarked graves are on the cemetery’s east side, so commissioners are expected to approve the mechanical scraping of a buffer zone up to 25 feet east of the cemetery boundary.

Archeologists will scrape the ground by hand and look for any burial features such as grave shafts.

If the archeologists find any burial features, they will record and secure them and inform the county. Then each pit will be backfilled once the work is done.

According to the county, the Bud Stockton Loop Extension gives drivers an alternative to getting on Interstate 35 and also reduces traffic delays on FM 487.