GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Two Georgetown police officers are now home and recovering after being wounded in a shootout Tuesday evening.

According to police, they got a 911 call at 11:19 p.m. of someone possibly trying to break into a home on Garden Meadow Drive. The caller said the gunman had run off.

Police say officers arrived in less than a minute after the 911 call. When the first officer arrived, he and the suspect shot at each other. Police say the man shot the officer in each of his upper legs in the “high thigh area.”

When the second officer arrived, she saw the exchange of gunfire, got out of her car and was able to shoot and kill the gunman. Police say the man shot her in the foot.

Police say they have identified the gunman and told the man’s family members. Police have said that the suspect is a 16-year-old male that lived at the address where the alleged burglary was happening. Due to the fact that he’s a minor, however, police are not releasing his name.

Neighbors say the Tuesday evening gun fire was frightening considering how quiet the neighborhood generally is.

“They were very distinguished from fireworks. Obviously, they were from a high caliber gun,” said a nearby neighbor. “Listening to the bullets fly, you don’t know where they’re coming from or where they are going.”

Some of the gun shots fired toward neighbors homes​. A bullet hit one man’s truck and shattered his window. Neighbors were also asked by police to check their homes to see if bullets hit them.

Both officers Colby Rodgers and Ashley Wall were taken to Seton Williamson Hospital. Their vital signs are stable. Georgetown Police say both have less than five years of experience.

Georgetown Police are investigating the shooting along with the Williamson County District Attorney’s Office, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, and the Texas Department of Public Safety Rangers Division.

​It’s unclear whether the suspect has any connection to the owners of the home​​.

“The perpetuator would pick such an isolated area,” said a neighbor.”There is only one way in and out. I just didn’t think that this wold be a prime target for a robbery.”

The City of Georgetown says that Rodgers and Wall are currently on paid administrative leave during the continued investigation, as is department policy.

In a statement on Wednesday, Georgetown Police Department said:

“This is a tragic event and our sympathies go out to the family and we are looking forward to a speedy, healthy recovery of our officers.”

Officer-involved shootings are not common in Georgetown. The last one happened In July of 2013. A man named Howard Kirk was shot at by Sergeant Philip Sanford. ​

Police got a tip that Kirk was heading to his ex-wife’s house and had been drinking.​ When they tried to pull him over, he pointed a gun at officers.​ Sanford fired at Kirk, but Kirk wasn’t hit.​ He was then taken into custody. ​Officer Sanford was cleared of any wrongdoing following an investigation, and is still with the department.​

The last deadly officer-involved shooting in Georgetown was on Halloween of 2011. ​Officers shot and killed 52-year-old Anthony Blackmon after they watched him kill his ex-girlfriend; 38-year-old Terry Pittman.​

Both officers involved were cleared of any wrongdoing. ​They are also still with Georgetown Police Department.

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