AUSTIN (KXAN) — In July, Austin Public Health (APH) performed over 550 health inspections at locations across the metropolitan area, such as restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and schools.

Of the 565 locations inspected, 312 received scores above 89. Only 39 received perfect scores, and just 12 of those are restaurants.

For July 2023, four local restaurants received perfect health inspection scores:

  • Blue Basil, a food truck typically located at The Domain (11119 Alterra Pkwy, Austin);
  • Odd Duck, located at 1201 South Lamar Blvd., Austin;
  • Pflugerville Donuts, located at 1700 Grand Avenue Parkway, Austin; and,
  • Show Me Pizza, located at 2809 South 1st Street, Austin.

Of those, two have ongoing streaks of perfect inspections: Show Me Pizza (two inspections) and Pflugerville Donuts (three inspections).

In addition, five chain restaurants had stores that received perfect scores: Chipotle Mexican Grill (1109 E 5th Street, Austin), Schlotzsky’s (3944 S FM 620 Rd, Bee Cave), Starbuck’s Coffee (4400 N Lamar Blvd, Austin), Whataburger (12003 E US 290, Manor) and Wingstop (9616 N Lamar Blvd, Austin).

All inspected locations are required to undergo inspection twice in a year. In a given month, APH inspects around 550-750 locations.

For 2023, APH inspected 732 locations in January, 648 in February, 721 in March, 564 in April, 598 in May, 723 in June and 565 in July.
A graph showing the number of locations inspected by Austin Public Health each month. (KXAN Photos/Cora Neas)

So far in 2023, the average monthly rate of perfect inspections is around 11.7%. In 2022, APH issued 962 perfect scores — just 10.1% of all scores issued.

In 2023, APH gave perfect scores to 8.5% of locations in January, 21.9% in February, 13.6% in March, 9.9% in April, 15.1% in May, 6.4% in June and 6.9% in July.
A graph showing the rate of perfect scores issued by Austin Public Health each month. (KXAN Photos/Cora Neas)