AUSTIN (KXAN) — A local Austin store says it took the lessons it learned from the 2021 winter storm and is prepared for customers stocking up during the Arctic freeze coming through.

But Nick Conn, with Wheatsville Co-op, told KXAN said it is telling customers not to panic buy.

“We actually ask our customers not to panic and then to come and shop like they would any other time,” Conn said.

He said there are extra products available for what people need, and they do not have to “panic buy” to get those products.

“We definitely don’t want people panicking,” Conn said.

After being one of the only few places open during the 2021 freeze, the grocery store has more than enough goods for shoppers during this extreme weather event, he added.

KXAN meteorologist Kristen Currie compared the differences between this freeze to those in the past. While this week’s freeze will be “significant,” it will likely fall short of records set by historic freezes of Austin’s past.