AUSTIN (KXAN) — While there are quite a few people at the Texas State Capitol right now who don’t agree with one another, there is one group of visitors everyone seems to agree doesn’t quite belong.

“Morning, everyone. Please bring in the jury. I see the bagpipes are gone but the crickets are still here,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said.

While the Ken Paxton impeachment trial is historic, the cricket infestation fueling additional biblical chatter surrounding it — is not, according to entomologists.

A cricket near a Capitol reporter's shoe as they write a script on the Ken Paxton impeachment trial
A cricket near a Capitol reporter’s shoe as they write a script on the Ken Paxton impeachment trial (KXAN photo/Grace Reader)

“It’s the season! The field crickets, which are the large black ones, typically tend to show up kind of late summer into early fall, but it’s really going to be based on weather,” said Wizzie Brown, an entomologist.

Still, the crickets have been notable at the Capitol earning nearly as many posts on social media as the trial itself.

From legislative staff posting about walking through piles of dead crickets, to reports of them falling on unsuspecting senators combing through evidence, the Capitol has earned no exception from the cricket infestation taking over parts of Austin regardless of occasion.

“I’m seeing them jumping around the floors in the building, they’re everywhere,” one man touring the Capitol said.

The reason for the influx of crickets, Brown said, is the rain. And weather will be the determining factor in whether they stick around.

“I’m going to say they’re probably going to be here for at least a month and a half to two months,” she said.

Capitol staff told us they’re working to sweep the crickets away, especially the dead ones which start smelling after a few days.

In the meantime, there may be no coincidences in Austin, but there are going to be crickets.