AUSTIN (KXAN) — A group of climate-scientist moms has banded together to form a nonprofit to teach other moms about climate change.

“We’ve got stronger droughts, crazy heat waves, wildfires [and] hurricanes dropping huge amounts of rain on us,” said Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, co-founder of the nonpartisan group.

The country-wide group’s goal is to help moms discuss the subject with their kids in ways that may not be discussed in the classroom.

“Most of us moms are already worried about climate change. 83% of moms across the country are worried and we don’t know what to do,” Hayhoe said.

Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist who studies climate change. She’s a professor at Texas Tech University and The Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist. She says moms are crucial to moving the conversation forward.

“We know how to use our voices and we know how to get things done and so it’s time to do that,” Hayhoe said.

Science Moms’ website offers children’s books, documentaries and “ways to use [your] voice to tell our leaders at every level,” Hayhoe said.