CALDWELL COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A week after a deadly shooting south of Austin, the family of the man shot and killed says they’re getting very limited information.

According to the Caldwell County Sherriff’s Office, the man was shot by a homeowner in Martindale, who thought he looked suspicious.

The man who died is Adil Dghoughi. His brother, Othmane Dghoughi, said he doesn’t believe he was armed.

KXAN was at the Caldwell County Sherriff’s Office Monday trying to get answers, but so far, no one has been willing to talk about the investigation or release more information beyond what was initially put out.

Deputies said the shooter is cooperating.

Dghoughi’s family went from College Station to Caldwell County Monday to try to get more answers.

Dghoughi’s life ended on Tina’s Trail in a small Martindale neighborhood. The neighbor shot him in the middle of the night, when Dghoughi was stopped outside of their home.

“There is zero percent chance why he would hurt somebody,” Dghoughi’s brother, Othmane, said.

Othmane doesn’t know why his brother was stopped. However, he presumes Dghoughi must have been passing through, heading back to Austin where he lived.

“The car was closed, he was inside the car, he was no harm to nobody,” Othmane said.

Dghoughi’s wife, Amy Fagnant, who is separated from him, said he didn’t deserve to be shot.

“It was an unnecessary act of violence for someone who would never hurt anybody,” Fagnant said.

Deputies did get a search warrant as part of their investigation, but so far, no arrests. Police are still being tight-lipped on how everything unfolded, even with the family.

“We know nothing,” Fagnant said.

Dghoughi is a Moroccan national with a master’s degree. He’s remembered for working toward a dream many chase when they come to the U.S.

“I love you, and I miss you already… until we meet again my brother,” Othmane said.

His family hopes just one thing will come from the sheriff’s office’s investigation.

“We just want the truth,” Fagnant said. “That’s all we want. The truth and answers.”

KXAN tried to connect with the homeowner involved in the shooting but had no luck locating that person. With no one in custody, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office has not released that person’s name.

A GoFundMe has been set up to cover Dghoughi’s funeral costs.