AUSTIN (KXAN) — Some businesses are having to close down because of so many people calling out with COVID-19, and it’s also causing problems at local animal shelters.

Austin Pets Alive! is making an urgent plea to get as many of their dogs and puppies adopted or fostered by Friday.

The shelter is dealing with sick calls because of COVID-19, and that means there are fewer people to take care of the animals.

“We are in crisis mode,” said Suzie Chase, Austin Pets Alive! spokesperson. “Right now, it is an emergency at Austin Pets Alive! making sure every dog gets the medication they need, food, water, walks, everything they need. We have to make sure we get at least 50 of them in homes, so that the remaining dogs we have get the excellent care they need with the staffing we have.”

The original call was to get 50 dogs moved into homes in two days. The latest update was they still needed 37 dogs moved from the shelter. The shelter is also looking for volunteers.