AUSTIN (KXAN) — We Are Blood (WRB) issued an urgent request for Type O Negative blood donations—the universal red blood cell type necessary for traumas and surgeries.

WRB, a provider of blood to over 50 hospitals and medical facilities in Central Texas, said it experienced a shortage around Memorial Day weekend.

“Holidays can stress our Central Texas community’s blood supply and the need is now urgent for protecting local patients following Memorial Day weekend,” Nick Canedo, VP of Community Engagement at We Are Blood, said.

Canedo said blood and platelet donations dropped around Memorial Day due to the start of the summer vacation season.

WRB asked for those with Type O Negative blood to make an appointment at one of its four centers to donate. Other blood type donations are still being accepted from eligible donors, according to WRB.

Currently, WRB said it needed at least 200 donors per day across 10 counties to maintain a healthy blood supply. Individuals can schedule an appointment online or by calling 512-206-1266.

According to WRB, donors could also choose either the Central Texas Food Bank or Austin Humane Society as a recipient of a $5 donation from WRB throughout the month of June.