MARBE FALLS, Texas (KXAN) — With just a few months left of school, districts across Central Texas will start holding hiring events to fill any vacant teaching positions that need to be filled.

As many teachers leave the profession, Marble Falls ISD is looking at ways to attract teachers and keep them in the district. One way they hope to do that is through the Love Inspire Teach Scholarship.

“We are actually funding as a district some of our para professionals to receive a bachelors degree and certification,” said Yarda Leflet, the assistant superintendent for curriculum in Marble Falls ISD.

“We want to invest in being able to fuel the pipeline for educators in our system,” said Leflet. “As you know not as many people are choosing to be an educator.”

Misty Reid is a teaching assistant at Colt Elementary School, she is one of 10 participants in the program which allows her to work at the school and take online classes.

”I love Marble Falls ISD,” said Reid.

Program participants are able to earn a degree and earn a teaching certificate.

“The district reimburses us if we complete everything,” said Reid.

Any Marble Falls ISD employee who does not already have a bachelor’s degree qualifies. This year they selected 10 candidates.

Marble Falls ISD spokesperson, Megan Hamilton said this time of year is when they will find out how many teachers will be returning.

”All the things we can do to attract teachers and students to Marble Falls ISD we are willing to do,” said Hamilton.

The district also connected with a local realtor to find affordable housing. Potential candidates were sent the properties in hopes of keeping them in the district.

”I think it feels good to be wanted to stay here,” said Reid.