GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) – A ring camera caught on video a delivery truck with Lowe’s branding crashing into a 16-year-old’s vehicle and then driving away. 

The video shows the truck slamming into the teen’s car –  a 1994 Chevrolet pickup truck he got nine months earlier – backing up around 50 feet, pausing for a few seconds and then speeding off without leaving a note. The collision was so severe, it caused the teen’s vehicle’s fuel tank to drop and a tire to burst. 

The teen’s mom, Veronica Vastian, said that two months later, after countless calls to Lowe’s and local law enforcement, no one from Lowe’s has done anything to remedy the situation. 

“It shouldn’t be this big of a hassle,” Vastian said. “It’s clear as day. We know it is their truck.”

Vastian said her neighbor received a package they ordered from Lowe’s that morning. She said with this information, Lowe’s should be able to determine who the driver was, whether it was a third-party delivery company and which truck was out executing the delivery. 

The damage to Veronica Vastian’s son’s vehicle after a delivery truck with Lowe’s branding slammed into it Dec. 19, 2022. (Photo courtesy: Veronica Vastian)

Georgetown Police Department confirmed that Vastian reported this incident and that the investigation into the hit-and-run is ongoing. A representative from the department said they are still working with Lowe’s to try and figure out who was driving the truck that morning.

Vastian’s son uses his pick-up truck to work odd jobs, such as landscaping, lawnmowing and mulching. His vehicle was so damaged, he wasn’t able to work for a few days after the crash. The incident happened around the time he got off for his Winter break, a time he would normally spend trying to earn money. 

“He ended up not being able to do a lot of [the work] for two weeks because he didn’t have his vehicle to be able to move around, and a lot of jobs got canceled,” Vastian said. “And [now] it’s kind of running funny…. to a 16-year-old kid, you know, it means a lot to him.”

Vastian said that without someone admitting fault, they are unable to file a claim. Luckily, the tire that was damaged was under warranty, so it was able to be replaced, she said. Vastian’s son had to resolve all of the other issues on his own, she said.

“I don’t know why the individual just took off instead of just taking fault for it.”

KXAN’s Sam Stark has reached out to Lowe’s corporate several times for a statement about this incident. He will update this story if he receives one.