TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Jan Barstow said her family has run the privately-owned Windy Point Park for almost 50 years.

She said a park ranger “body-slammed” her after a disagreement over access to easements and boat launches on Lake Travis.

Jan Barstow, Windy Point Manager
Jan Barstow, the manager at Windy Point, said she had to get stitches after the confrontation.

“I just went face first into the hard ground,” said Barstow.

Windy Point is right next to the county-owned Bob Wentz Park. Barstow said patrons at Windy Point can’t use the facilities at Bob Wentz, but they can use the water-access points.

“Our parkgoers have easement uses over there to access the water’s edge wherever it touches the shore,” she said.

She claims the confrontation with the park ranger began when he incorrectly told her guests, who were launching personal watercrafts, that they needed to leave. Barstow maintains they’re allowed to access the easement.

A spokesperson for Travis County confirmed an incident occurred with a park ranger, and that the matter remains under investigation with criminal charges pending against Barstow.

The county would not tell us the charges. The county also did not provide additional details on the rules surrounding water access points.

According to the county’s website for Bob Wentz Park, “all trailered or motorized watercraft must be launched at designated boat ramps or boat launch areas only.”