AUSTIN (KXAN) — More than $67 million in unpaid taxes are still owed to the Travis County Tax Office from 2021.

The office released the top 10 list of delinquent taxpayers. In total, $2.5 million in property taxes are owed across the 10 companies featured, which included Bird Inc, one of the companies with an electric scooter program in Austin. The Travis County Tax Office confirmed Bird paid their taxes earlier this afternoon.

The companies at the top of the list, which are predominantly commercial real estate owners, would have received their tax bills in November 2021 with a payment deadline of January 31, 2022. Since the deadline has passed, the companies featured on the list have failed to respond to multiple letters and phone calls, the Travis County Tax Office said in a press release.

Though the Travis County Tax Office has collected 99% of the property taxes owed to the entity, they still have not received $67.7 million.

Essential governmental entities, such as law enforcement, public schools, emergency services, the courthouse, parks and road care, rely on tax collection to serve Travis County.  

“When projected property tax revenue falls short, programs can be cut, or property taxes raised to make up the difference,” the Tax Office statement read.

WC 1ST & TRINITY LP, a commercial real estate company, tops the list owing more than $700,000 in property taxes to Travis County still.

Bird Inc, the popular scooter company, owed just under $150,000. The company has confirmed to KXAN that since the top 10 delinquent taxpayers list was released, they have paid their debts.

“We can confirm that the bill has been paid and that the county will be removing us from their top 10 list as a result,” said Rebeccah Hahn, the Chief Communications Officer at Bird.

DJCC Development Corporation, which the tax office says owes more than $500,000, tells KXAN it is a tax-exempt, religious and charitable organization.

“We have been working for months with local officials to correct a record-keeping error that incorrectly led to a tax bill,” DJCC told KXAN in a statement. “County tax records had wrongly listed one of our affiliate organizations as an owner of one of the DJCC parcels.”

DJCC said once the issued is resolved, it does not anticipate it will owe any taxes or penalties.

The Travis County Tax Office says as of June 13, DJCC “does not have a charitable exemption,” but that if the central appraisal district notifies them of a status change, it will immediately update its property tax records.