TRAVIS COUNTY (KXAN) — Travis County will reinstate its recently lifted burn ban Wednesday, after county fire officials cited an “unusual” spring weather pattern.

Chief Fire Marshal Tony Callaway requested the ban be reinstated from Wednesday until June 8, unless conditions alleviate before that end date.

“We normally don’t need a burn ban during the April/May months, however we’re having an unusual season this year so far,” he said. “We did have a little bit of green up but unfortunately, we’re going to have winds throughout this week and starting on Thursday, we’re going to see a drop in humidity levels from what we normally see in May.”

What that translates to is windier, drier conditions that Callaway said will increase wildfire risks throughout the county. This follows reports of wildfires spreading this past weekend in the southwest portion of the county, he added.

If Travis County receives significant rainfall before June 8, Callaway said he and other county leaders can reconvene and consider lifting the ban sooner. Travis County Commissioners passed the item unanimously Tuesday, with it set to go into effect Wednesday morning.