TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The Travis County Clerk’s Office said it’s fully staffed with hundreds of poll workers as early voting kicks off in Texas.

County Clerk Rebecca Guerrero said poll worker recruiting was aided by a pay raise for those looking to help out with our local elections.

“With us going into $20 an hour, that actually helped a lot of people reaching out and wanting to work for us,” Guerrero said. “We have great turnout for recruiting.”

Guerrero said it’s hard to predict voter turnout, but with more than 800,000 people registered to vote, her office has 38 early voting locations open already. That number is scheduled to expand to 167 on Election Day.

“We always are prepared for a large turnout on these days,” Guerrero said. “What we’ve done to prepare is we have adequate staffing, making sure that the locations are up and running on time, and all of those significant things.”

KXAN has created an outline of what new voters need to know about voting in Texas including eligibility, what you’re required to bring and key dates.

Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8.