TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Hundreds of tons of debris has ended up at the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Treatment Plant over the past couple weeks as people work to clear out their properties following last week’s ice storm.

The location has been highlighted by city officials as a place to get rid of downed branches and brush. People are taking advantage of it: 2,000 trips have been made to the plant resulting in roughly 1,000 tons of brush dropped off, Austin Resource Recovery reported.

One man stripping branches out of his trailer Thursday said he had a significant number of trees and branches still to cut down to make his property safe again.

He’s not alone. Travis County Judge Andy Brown described widespread destruction after he toured the county via helicopter last week. He said unlike the cleanup necessary after tornados or a fire, the damage from this storm is perhaps more complex.

The county has now estimated the price tag for that damage will be roughly $29 million. For comparison, Brown said the Bastrop County fire cost roughly $34 million.

“That includes City of Austin estimates, Austin Energy estimates. Everything from picking up debris across the city, across jurisdictions,” Brown said.

More specifically, the county said it will need funding for the following:

  • $12 million: Debris cleanup
  • $16 million: Emergency response
  • $6 million: Roads and bridges

“We submit this to the state and then the states submits it to the federal government and so there’s still two levels of approval there,” Brown said.

Those numbers don’t include damage to personal property, which you’re asked to report.

Those with downed trees, branches, brush or other materials can call (512) 854-9433 to report the debris and request curbside assistance.