AUSTIN (KXAN) — While the deadline to register for November’s election has come and gone, Travis County Tax Office staff has been hard at work counting tens of thousands registration applications submitted on time.

In a report Monday, county officials said they expect to confirm this week that 97% of all eligible voters in Travis County will be registered, up 1% from when KXAN last checked a week ago.

They are less than 300 voters away from being officially 97% registered, and there are a few thousand more applications left to process, officials say.

County officials said it has been “a whirlwind” getting all the voter registration applications processed so folks can cast their ballots in November. They said the office received more than 20,000 applications last week, and they are close to being done processing them.

“They’ve been quite overwhelmed themselves with the volume being sent to them from around the state,” county officials said of workers processing the applications.

Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said last week she was blown away by the increase in voter registration. During the last major election cycle in 2016, 93% of eligible voters in the county were registered, she said.