TRAVIS COUNTY (KXAN) — Tens of thousands of dollars will be donated to several local nonprofits in Travis County thanks to women who know the justice system well.

“We are raising $85,000,” said Shelby O’Brien, the co-chair of the Travis County Women Lawyer’s Foundation.

The group of women attorneys raises money to give out grants to groups that help women and children.

“There is a well-known problem with access to justice and legal fees are very expensive. It’s expensive to get into the court system. We have local nonprofits that help fill that gap,” said O’Brien.

This year’s grants will be awarded to such groups as Casa Marianella, Family Eldercare and Lonestar Justice Alliance.

“I think you’ll find, generally speaking, women and children are more likely to be disadvantaged. A lot of the nonprofits we give money to are serving immigrant populations as well,” said O’Brien.  “Some of these nonprofits are helping immigrants escape domestic violence situations.”

The lawyers donate to make the grants possible, but say anyone can donate online.