SPICEWOOD, Texas (KXAN) — As touring musicians get back on the road post-pandemic, we talked to one iconic rock band ahead of its Central Texas show this weekend at Luck Ranch.

The Flaming Lips have been around the music scene since the early 80s, and they’re bringing their colorful concert experience back to the Austin area. KXAN’s Daniel Marin asked why the city is such a special place to the band.

Frontman Wayne Coyne explained that a particular visit in Austin – during South by Southwest ahead of the release of their career-catapulting album, The Soft Bulletin – solidified the Live Music Capital of the World as one of the Flaming Lips’ favorite stops.

“It really changed everything for us,” Coyne said.

“Austin was more of a home to all music,” Coyne said while describing his experience with Austin’s music scene and what sets it apart, “whereas, like Seattle, and I don’t mean anything bad by it, but if you’re not Soundgarden or Pearl Jam, you gotta get out. In Austin, you can find any kind of music, you know? You’re welcome here.”

The Flaming Lips will take the stage at Luck Ranch Saturday night after Particle Kid. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are available online.