AUSTIN (KXAN) — As new developments encroach on the green hills of Steiner Ranch, residents voice their concerns about cutting down trees and making crowded streets worse.

Land along the bypass to Ranch Road 620 and Ranch to Market 2222 will eventually house new apartments. Residents over the weekend reported a section of trees had been cut down for the build.

Patty Jones said losing natural features like those trees has been the norm around the neighborhood for these new construction projects.

“If you drive down 620, it’s happening everywhere, not this one part,” said Jones.

Pete Vallee has lived in the Steiner Ranch area for 37 years. He said he can remember a time before much of this development, when the roads were made of gravel and his wife would need help clearing cattle off the road, because they were blocking her car.

He said all of the people and projects moving in have caused a few headaches for himself and neighbors, especially when it comes to traffic. Vallee said while this “land rush” of sorts is impressive, it can be difficult to stay patient.

“It’s getting bad,” said Vallee. “It’s getting to where cars line up three or four blocks before they can turn the corner or go anywhere else, but basically it’s just growing pains.”

Nicolas Cua owns a tailor shop on RM 620. He agrees while traffic is certainly a headache, with up to a rumored 35,000 cars already passing by every day, this is a simple case of supply and demand.

“If you need a house, you have to build a house,” said Cua. “If you need a car, you have to buy a car.”