LAKE TRAVIS, Texas (KXAN) — The summer in Central Texas has been hotter and drier than last year, and it’s had a big effect on lakes in the area.

Lake Travis is currently at 657 feet. On average, it’s about 667 feet in July. It has fallen nine feet this year and the levels keep dropping. Compare that to last year, when the lake was full in April, but dropped nine feet by the time September rolled around — despite rain from Hurricane Harvey. 

Despite the drop this year, it’s nowhere close to 2011, when more than 90 days of triple-digit temperatures caused the lake to plummet by 30 feet.

Still, it’s having an effect on people trying to enjoy the lake. Six of the 13 public boat ramps are closed as of Friday, and that has an effect on businesses, too.

 “Our business goes up and down just like the lake level,” said Dan Gerte, the owner of Dependable Docks. “We had a rough time of it with every business out here during the drought and we’ve seen some good years here since the lake has been back. But kind of scared it might go down again.”

The Central Texas Water Coalition found that when the lake levels fall below 660 feet for a long time, the number of visitors drops by $350,000 and businesses stand to lose $23 million.