AUSTIN (KXAN) – Five people were convicted and sentenced in Travis County in the past week, the Travis County District Attorney’s office said. Among those was a man accused in a fatal shooting and men accused of sexual assault.

18-year-old sentenced to 24 years in prison in connection to fatal drug shooting

Jurors found Jalen Rey Veliz guilty after prosecutors presented evidence showing Veliz shot and killed 19-year-old Isaac Morey in 2018 as part of a planned robbery that was set up with social media, according to a release. The jury deliberated for less than four hours and found him guilty of murder. The jury decided the punishment after they heard testimony from Morey’s mother, who said her 6-year-old daughter has been trying to call her brother in heaven. Veliz has been sentenced to 24 years in prison under a murder charge. 

Man sentenced to 12 years in prison after sexually assaulting woman in her car

The jury sentenced Corey Chandler to 12 years in prison on a sexual assault charge. In 2017, he approached the victim while she was sleeping in her car outside an after-hours club. Chandler entered the car and sexually assaulted the woman, according to the release. She immediately sought help and was taken to the hospital to have a sexual assault examination. Evidence taken from the car later confirmed that Chandler was the one who assaulted the woman. After the arrest, he claimed the encounter with her was consensual. 

Man found guilty for aggravated assault and sentenced to 28 years in prison

The jury found Juan Deltoro guilty for aggravated assault and the judge sentenced him to 28 years in prison. In 2018, surveillance video showed Deltoro violently assaulting another man, leaving the victim unconscious on the sidewalk. In the video, Deltoro punched the victim, knocked him to the ground and kicked the man with steel-toed boots. The victim was found unresponsive when officials arrived at the scene, was taken to the hospital and later died. Before the judge decided his sentence, prosecutors presented evidence of previous convictions for other assaultive offenses. 

19-year-old woman found not guilty of murder, guilty of aggravated assault

Kimberly Orozco was found guilty of aggravated assault but not for murder. She was on trial as a party/co-defendant to a shooting “ambush” in 2017 that led to Mariano Gonzalez-Lopez’s death and seriously hurt another man. Prosecutors provided evidence showing Orozco helped set up the encounter. The shooter, Jose Morales, was sentenced earlier this year to 50 years in prison. The jury found Orozco guilty of aggravated assault but could not reach a unanimous verdict for the second charge of murder. The state and defense instead reached a negotiated sentence for Orozco of eight years in prison.

Man sentenced to 20 years in prison after sexually assaulting child

Pedro Jaramillo-Osorio was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and was sentenced to 20 years in prison after he pleaded guilty. Osorio sexually assaulted the girl beginning when she was 7-years-old until she was 9. In 2017, after about 10 years passed, the victim wrote a high school essay about being sexually abused as a child. After Osorio pleaded guilty, she told the prosecutor she was relieved to not have to testify at a trial. “Thank you so much for giving me a chance to live without feeling like I have to watch over my shoulder,” the victim said.