TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A report comparing nearly every county in the country finds Travis County lacks a “healthy child care system.”

“In Travis County the average child care cost for an adult with two children is about 22 percent of their income,” said Sheri Johnson with County Health Rankings. “The federal government recommends people spend only about 7 percent of income on child care.”

Johnson said The County Health Rankings look at more than 30 factors in every county including jobs, education, income and access to affordable child care — all of which influence how long and how well people live according to the report.

The experts behind the rankings said a healthy affordable child care system means a healthy economy as we emerge from a pandemic.

“Because we know, then adults who need to go to work can do so knowing that their children are cared for and safe and on a path of a long and healthy life,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the data should be viewed as a way to strengthen a Travis County weakness that goes beyond lawmakers.

“It’s not just lawmakers, it’s all of us,” said Johnson. “Residents, neighbors, members of coalitions that are really focused on things like assuring all of our children have access to child care and the people who work in childcare are getting a living wage.”