DEL VALLE, Texas (KXAN) — President Donald Trump tweeted his praise Friday to Tesla and founder Elon Musk for recently choosing to build the company’s newest “Gigafactory” car assembly plant outside Austin in Del Valle.

“Texas and Tesla are big winners,” the President’s tweet said, in part. “MADE IN THE USA!”

Musk responded on Twitter, saying “Thank you on behalf of the Tesla team. We look forward to building Giga Texas!”

The factory will produce Tesla’s Model Y electric automobile, a small SUV, and will be built on a 2,100-acre plot of land near State Highway 130 and Harold Green Road.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is also excited Tesla decided to build in the state.

“Tesla is one of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world, and we are proud to welcome its team to the State of Texas,” Gov. Abbott said in an interview with CNBC.

“Texas has the best workforce in the nation and we’ve built an economic environment that allows companies like Tesla to innovate and succeed. Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas will keep the Texas economy the strongest in the nation and will create thousands of jobs for hard-working Texans. I look forward to the tremendous benefits that Tesla’s investment will bring to Central Texas and to the entire state,” he said.

The electric car company is coming to Travis County after county commissioners voted to approve a tax incentive deal, in addition to the one the company already brokered with the Del Valle Independent School District.

The county’s tax incentive deal is a reported investment of $1.1 billion in the first five years that would lead to a 70% rebate on Operations and Maintenance taxes.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said it was a “really good deal” for the city because it didn’t provide any incentives, but it would still benefit.

He said he hoped Tesla would help bring jobs to the area, especially for people who lost their jobs during the pandemic. He also said while Austin has a lot of high-paying tech jobs, it could use more middle-skill jobs.

“We’re excited about having the opportunity of taking people from places where they’re not making living wages and move them info manufacturing kind of jobs,” Adler said. “We’re also really hopeful this kind of leads to a lot of satellite suppliers and satellite businesses.