Pflugerville could become home to the next Domain-style urban development

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PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — A 120-acre urban-style, mixed-use development could be coming to Pflugerville in the near future.

The unnamed project would be nestled on both sides of State Highway 130, just south of Typhoon Texas Austin and would combine different retail, residential and dining options for visitors.

“The vibe is right for something unique to take place over here,” said Tomas Sheleg, the founder of the Negba Group, who will develop the land. “This is an 80-acre site and across the highway we have another 40 acres. Both with highway exposure.”  

Sheleg envisions a mixed-use center packed with housing, restaurants and shopping locations, all with futuristic tech like 3D crosswalks and virtual reality experiences. 

“We wanted to come with a fresh, new ideas. Whether its in technology or architecture, transportation.”

He says the key to it all is its prime real estate. With its proximity right next to SH 130, the developer said this bit of land can serve as symbol and testament to the rapid growth of Pflugerville. 

“We are not trying to reinvent anything, but take the existing and make it better,” Sheleg said.  

Although this large-scale renovation may seem intimidating, Sheleg said the goal is to ensure it fits comfortably with Pflugerville’s way of life. 

“We will do everything we can to make this a destination and a spot to be proud of,” Sheleg said. 

This project still has a long way to go before it can become a reality. The city council and Planning and Zoning Commission must approve the plans before construction can begin. Sheleg hopes he can break ground within the next two years. 

A statement from the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

Amy Madison, the executive director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation, said the project is in a prime location for Pflugerville residents to take advantage of the nearby water park, shopping centers, hospitals and neighborhoods.

“While still in early development, this potential new neighbor of mixed-use provides a significant opportunity for not only recapturing retail leakage but also creating a “live, work and play” environment in the epicenter of the SH 130 corridor in Pflugerville.”

Following the trend 

Surrounding cities also want their own “Domain-like” development.  

KXAN has reported on at least three other developments in Cedar Park and Round Rock.  

First: the City of Cedar Park has picked a developer to a 52-acre project along Bell Boulevard. The city plans to create mixed-use space featuring shops, restaurants, offices and housing.  Twelve acres will be designated park space.  

Also inn Cedar Park: city council members have given a $1.5 billion dollar project the green light.  Indigo Ridge will fill 155 acres of Whitestone Boulevard at Sam Bass Road. It will serve as the headquarters for the United States Tennis Association. There will also be room for shopping, dining, offices and apartments. Construction should begin in the fall.  

And in Round Rock, city leaders approved a development agreement which will make way for a $200 million-dollar complex along State Highway 45. “The District” will have office spaces, retail and housing. The area is expected to generate more than $1 and a half million dollars in tax revenue and create at least 5,000 jobs. 

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