TRAVIS COUNTY (KXAN) — Hamilton Pool, one of the most beautiful watering holes in Central Texas, will not allow swimmers this summer or for the foreseeable future due to falling rocks. Travis County Parks has also closed the section of the trail that runs underneath the overhanging cliff.

Parks officials blamed February’s historic winter storm.

“Following the big freeze, rocks have been falling more frequently from the cliffs above the trail. We continue to consult with geologists about this hazard,” Travis County Parks said in a statement. It added that rocks have also been falling into the pool, which could pose a danger for swimmers.

Visitors to Hamilton Pool can still visit the beach, but they can’t swim or walk all the way around the pool to under the waterfall. Parks officials said they do not expect to allow any swimming this summer.

Travis County Parks also suspended its Saturday morning guided hikes though it said it did hope to bring those back later this summer.

Hamilton Pool has gotten so popular that Travis County Parks moved to a reservation-based system five years ago. There are two 3.5-hour reservation periods each day. Nearly all are booked for May and June except for a handful of openings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Reservations for July have not been released yet.