LAKE TRAVIS, Texas (KXAN) — Lake Travis is considered by many to be a dangerous lake. Since 2010, the Travis Country Sheriff’s Office has tracked 61 deaths on the lake. To alert boaters and swimmers about the potential danger, the agency that manages the lake, Lower Colorado River Authority, is adding social media to their safety initiative.

“A traditional approach to trying to get information into people’s hands, in today’s world, is limiting,” said John Hofmann, executive vice president of water at the LCRA.

“We wanted to make sure that we had very clear cut, very social media-friendly messages, that could go out with things that are simple for families to be able to do when they go and spend an afternoon with the lake.”

The campaign, called “Be LakeWise”, focuses on tips for going to the lake. The campaign includes social media posts and distributing flyers and items like koozies to re-enforce safety messages about swimming safely and boating responsibly.

Its website has signs, flyers and digital resources people can download.

However, the LCRA is not adding new signage to Lake Travis.

“We have a lot of signs at the boat ramps. And in terms of this particular campaign, social media was a much better way to be able to get the information in front of the people, the most people the most efficiently,” Hofmann said.

“You can direct it much better with social media, and you can update your messaging as the year goes along and refresh your messaging.”

If you want to learn more about the resources LCRA’s provides on social media, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Is the LCRA campaign working?

We wanted to know if people are getting the message. Visiting Lake Travis on May 6, our team traveled to Devil’s Cove, where many visitors congregate and party.

We spoke with multiple people, some first-time visitors and others who were employees of local companies. Not one followed LCRA on social media.

“I don’t know. I do not know (who the LCRA is). I know this is part of the Colorado River,” the captain from one local boat company said.

“I’ve only heard of them in passing. I personally don’t follow them on social media. I haven’t seen any, like, social media presence of anything,” another captain said. “I don’t think they really have a big presence as far as getting the people out here, Austinites, boat rental captains in our area. So I personally no do not follow them on social media.”

“I’ve never heard of them,” one man from out of town said.

Should Lake Travis have more signage?

Others said there are not currently enough signs on the lake. Rose Ann Samudio, whose husband Manuel Salas died on Lake Travis in 2018, said they saw few, if any signs on the lake the day he was last seen.

“I think that it’s irresponsible … for them not to put — make an effort to bring more awareness, provide signs and more warnings and information other than just taking my money at the booth and giving me a ‘Welcome to Lake Travis’ flyer.”

Hofmann said Lake Travis isn’t more deadly than other lakes, it’s just larger and has more visitors due to its proximity to Austin, skewing the numbers.

“Lake Travis is no different than any other lake that we have in the state of Texas or anywhere else,” he said. “No one should go to one of those lakes without doing some homework before they go.”

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