MANOR, Texas (KXAN) — Four people were detained after social media threats surfaced Wednesday and Thursday against the local school district, according to Manor Police Chief Ryan Phipps.

Phipps said two of the individuals were identified as suspects and are being interviewed by investigators from different agencies.

The Manor Police Department said earlier it was investigating a threatening post with a video allegedly sent to several Manor Middle School students Wednesday.

Phipps described the post further Thursday, saying it depicted a hunting rifle and a young man using foul language and mentioning Manor. Text on the post had Thursday’s date on it.

After hearing about the post, Phipps said Manor PD immediately began coordinating with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, the Austin Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety. He explained this is because the Manor Independent School District has campuses outside the city limits of Manor, including in unincorporated parts of Travis County and in Austin city limits.

Phipps said a second social media threat then surfaced. Manor ISD said it was a photo circulating on Snapchat, and Phipps explained further it depicted a young woman holding an assault rifle, using foul language and identifying Manor.

Manor PD didn’t go into detail on how they found and detained the individuals involved.

“What we want our public to know is that our schools are safe. We are aware of any the threats that come across, and we take those threats extremely serious,” Phipps said.

Manor ISD Superintendent Andre D. Spencer thanked law enforcement for their quick action. He also said more patrols will be happening on all campuses.

“Our schools are safe. You will see an increase in law enforcement patrolling and monitoring our campuses,” Spencer said.

In addition to increased law enforcement presence, Manor ISD said only essential visitors will be allowed on school campuses districtwide starting Thursday. Manor ISD describes non-essential visitors as “anyone whose presence is not essential for a school function.”

Spencer especially encouraged parents, students and staff to report anything suspicious or threatening.

“If you see something, say something,” Spencer said. “It’s because of the quick action of staff members here in the Manor Independent School District that we were able to engage with law enforcement really quickly to ensure that we could get ahead of the situation and the circumstance that is currently undergoing.”

Police ask if you have information, email or call (512) 974-0845 option 3.

This comes after Tuesday’s mass shooting in Uvalde. Other local school districts have also been dealing with threats, including the Round Rock and Georgetown ISDs.

The last day of school for Manor ISD students is Thursday, June 2. Graduation day is Friday, June 3.