TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A man was charged with murder after the Travis County Sheriff’s Office said he lied about another man’s death, saying the man died from a drug overdose when he was really assaulted.

Matthew Schultz, 43, of Leander, was arrested Thursday related to the June 28 death of Kevin Clevish, 39, also of Leander, according to TCSO. Online records state Schultz will retain his own attorney.

TCSO said around 3:30 a.m. that day, deputies responded to a dead person call in the 11200 block of Beach Rd. in Jonestown. Schultz told deputies Clevish “had possibly overdosed on cocaine.”

An autopsy found injuries and trauma to Clevish’s body. According to an arrest affidavit for Schultz, a detective who responded to the home looked at the body and saw an injury to the front of the left shin, a one-inch cut on the forehead and severe bruising to the chest.

The detective also saw a shattered walking cane among other scraps of wood in the home. The affidavit said a witness told law enforcement the three were drinking absinthe, and Clevish fell a few times because he was drunk and had done a line of cocaine, which caused the injuries.

The affidavit said an investigator checked out the injuries to Clevish’s body and believed they “were consistent with an assault.” Parts of the shattered wooden cane were seen around where the body was, and detectives wrote in the affidavit, “it became evident that the decedent may have been struck with the wooden cane.”

The witness eventually told law enforcement Schultz and Clevish were in an argument, and Schultz hit Clevish multiple times with the cane until it shattered. That’s when Clevish fell to the ground, the affidavit said.

The affidavit said Schultz was interviewed by deputies and told them during a “somber conversation” he told Clevish they would not be friends or live together in the future. That’s when Schultz claimed Clevish got down and “began hitting his head on the ground a couple of times.” The affidavit said Schultz told deputies Clevish “was pretending to be more drunk than he was.”

The affidavit said people who knew Schultz and Clevish told deputies Schultz “regularly talked down to [Clevish] and treated him poorly.”

Detectives concluded Clevish had been in an argument with Schultz, during which Schultz physically assaulted Clevish, TCSO said.

Detectives decided to wait for final autopsy results to determine if drugs were a factor in the death. TCSO said the results received this week found no drugs in Clevish’s system, so the death was ruled a homicide. The affidavit said Clevish died from blunt force trauma.

TCSO said this marks 11 homicides to occur so far this year within its jurisdiction.