AUSTIN (KXAN) — Travis County court records filed Wednesday showed an undercover sting operation led to the arrest of a man suspected of distributing fraudulent temporary tags in Austin.

Records showed 41-year-old Reinier Pena-Maceo met with an undercover law enforcement official with the Travis County Constable’s Office on Tuesday to provide a 60-day temporary vehicle tag for $100.

The operation was done after a Taylor police officer made a traffic stop on Nov. 29 for someone driving with a fraudulent 60-day permit or paper tag, according to records. The driver told the Taylor officer the tag was purchased from a woman at a location in north Austin and provided the officer with the woman’s phone number.

On Nov. 30, a TCCO constable contacted the provided suspect number using an undercover alias. Court records said the constable was told the seller could provide a 60-day permit/tag for $100.

According to documents, a meeting was set for Tuesday in north Austin, and the seller said an assistant named “Reinier” would deliver the tag.

The TCCO constable reinitiated contact Monday and provided the information needed for the tag, which included a false name, address, VIN and vehicle.

On Tuesday, Pena-Maceo allegedly met and sold the undercover official a fraudulent 60-day tag.

“The fraudulent tag represented to be an official permit or tag as issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles … In addition to the fraudulent tag, Pena-Maceo provided a fraudulent receipt…,” documents said.

TCCO said during a vehicle search, a second fraudulent buyer tag and receipt were found, and Pena-Maceo was scheduled to deliver the items to another person.

Pena-Maceo was arrested on the state jail felony of unauthorized reproduction, purchase, use or sale of temporary tags. A judge set his bond at $5,000. As of Friday, he was no longer listed in the Travis County jail.